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Baked apples

Baked apples

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  • March 1,
  • 1lg sugar
  • cinnamon

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes


Peel an apple, grate it and squeeze the juice

Fill with sugar mixed with cinnamon and bake until the sugar is caramelized. Serve hot!

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Baked apple cake with burnt sugar

Interesting and looks really good. Mamaaa, what a craving for me. One question: isn't it too sweet?

It's not too sweet at all. The cake is delicious, I already made it once and now I have the second one in the oven. Thanks for the recipes and we look forward to new and maybe exotic ones.

Surprisingly, the cake is not too sweet. After all, there are only 10 tablespoons of sugar and 5 tablespoons of jam. But, in other words, you can "juggle" a little with the syrup. If you still find it too sweet, use less sugar in the syrup. When I syruped the cake, I didn't even put all the syrup, thinking that maybe it would come out too soft. But, in a few hours I realized that there is no problem, so I put it all :)

Is it normal to leave a little after I put the syrup?

Maybe just a little, the cake should not be left too long after it is well syruped.

Hi, I just took the apple cake out of the oven. It looks very good, I look forward to it cooling down a bit to taste it.

Howdy! Deeeci? Looks like he left you speechless :)

The cake is good, down with the hat!

This seems like a good dessert

super recipes. I wonder how old you are and if you are married))

:)) Because you praised my recipes, I satisfy your curiosity: I am 32 years old and I am not married. But, at the risk of disappointing you, I must also add the fact that I try my best to stay like this: D

:))) This comment must be there at the top of the blog so to speak. Hahahahahahah, na. I'm looking for cake creams. I came across him. but. who knows if I shouldn't make a cake this weekend. how long did I give this information :))).

:)) after a more detailed reading of the comments about this recipe (hahahahaha I'm laughing) ..I concluded one thing. the name of the cake is wrong! :))
I'm kidding, I hope you don't mind, I had a lot of fun :)
And yet. Your comment dates from Dec 3 2010 (hmm 3 Dec. Mother's Day: P). what has happened since then?
Did you break through? Are you still a bachelor? Or. Did someone knock you down? :): *

:)) This curiosity. : P I also said something about myself, through the comments of the recipes, on the Facebook page. Eventually I think I will make a special page called & quotAbout BarbatLaCratita & quot)
In the meantime, nothing remarkable happened, I was still a bachelor and I don't think my girlfriend will make me an "honest man" too soon: D
I was about to forget: what should this baked apple cake be called? Tort Robert looks ok: P :))))

and I tell you it was just a curiosity). Because rarely men who cook such delicacies :). I am only 21 years old and usnt already married (anonymous)

Ohooo, how determined you must be if you have already chosen who you will spend the next 60 years with. I'm telling you, "Stone House," it's probably still relevant, isn't it? :))

yes it is. well only in july did we have a civil wedding: X: X: X: X and now we want to schedule the wedding for next year, but it is the godparents crisis :-))

to click on my name if you want to see pictures. I am very curious to see you but I did not find :(. Or better to talk to you.)

:))) My lord allows you to call me Robert. A lot of people are curious. for now I pose in the mysterious chef: D Until then, I have pictures of a baked apple cake with burnt sugar :))

ok. Delighted then and I hope to get out of this mysterious situation soon.))

ha ha ha. how courted you are more Robert.

I also tried this dessert but not according to your recipe, chef and honestly. I got an "exploded rubber". I laughed at. I'm a little scared to try it again .. but I want so much = (((((((

Be brave and try my recipe. You probably made an untried recipe, where the quantities were given at random.
If you read all the comments, you will notice that I am the second man to whom the recipe for baked apple cake with burnt sugar came out: D So you can't go wrong if you follow the recipe :)

ready I came back today I prepare the cake: x god help me to have growth and success: X, I come back with impressions: & quot & gt

gt, moa so thank you very much for the explanations, please really follow. visitors to try this cake is so tasty and easy to make: X: X: X: X: k to beat kmpii a little & quotraiul on earth & quot: & quot & gt

:)) With pleasure and I am still waiting for you!

I made your recipe in w-e, doubling the quantities because a bigger cake was needed.
I would like to come up with a change to the syrup recipe. Instead of sugar syrup with rum essence, I boiled the remaining apple peels with sugar. A pink, sweet and fragrant syrup came out, which gave a special flavor to the top. I also put a layer of chocolate pudding on top of it and then covered it in whipped cream.
A miracle came out! : D

Hi this change of yours, I wouldn't have thought of such a thing. I'm sorry I didn't think of her :)) I'm convinced that a wonderful cake came out for you, and it couldn't have turned out differently since you practically dressed it twice. Interesting and the choice of chocolate pudding.

. it was the turn of the apple cake, in fact the cakes that I made 2, the first with a wonderful taste but a terrible look: -D (not paying attention to details I did not wallpaper the edges of the shape with caramel, imagine how it came off.) and the second in terms of appearance we won by far the 1st prize, but the taste. hhhhhh I think & quotam too caramelized sugar & quot after how well my nephew diagnosed :-P

I think I should do the same, especially in the case of torture: always do two at a time! Let me choose where to take the pictures for the blog, because you realize that I also miss a few times from time to time :)
From your comment I just want to stick with the idea that the first apple cake tasted great: D

That was the idea that the taste is wonderful, the housewife should be right :-P

As much as I noticed that you cook, you have every right to make a mistake from time to time. It's normal, especially in the case of torture.

I made this cake for my birthday :)) it was great, a little sweet, but not worth it :))

:) Once a year is your birthday, so if you make this cake only then, your blood sugar will remain ok: D And Happy Birthday!

I mean THANK YOU !! It's one of the most delicious recipes in the world. and simple to do.

With pleasure Magda! It seems to me that the baked apple cake is actually easier to make than the pictures show.

very good, the cake caught me a bit, but I think it's because of the pan in which I made it. ms of prescription

It also depends on the oven now, my luck is that I use an electric one and it bakes somewhat evenly. I hope that next time everything will be perfect and that you will be able to enjoy this cake properly.

I made the cake for the 2nd time and it turned out better than the first time :) I made it for my sister's birthday, she said it's bestial :)) I can't wait to prepare it for my husband.

Wow, so it looks like the ripe apple pie is addictive :))

I made this cake two days in a row, so it's clear, I became addicted too! I like that it came out of the first one, it gave me a few emotions when I overturned it, but it came out as in the pictures !! Thank you very much! I can confirm that it works with 4 parts (instead of 5) of each ingredient (for those who have a smaller tray).

Yeah, you have no escape! : D Two days in a row. The fact that you used a smaller tray to know that it is not a mitigating circumstance :))) I liked the most about this cake the fact that it is special, but still extremely easy to make. To praise him even more, I could even say that it is more difficult to fail :)

at what temperature is it kept?

First I heated the oven to 250 degrees C. After I put the cake (I put it in the middle of the oven), I lowered the temperature to 200 degrees. But it also depends on how everyone bakes the oven, in other words you can try it with 175 degrees, or even 150 degrees.

My congratulations for all the recipes, I also made apple cake and it turned out good
become addicted to this site and recipes
I'll end up sitting alone in the kitchen :))
a wonderful day

Not to be outdone either: my congratulations on the successful cake! :) This is actually my goal, to create addiction and then give the blow by providing the antidote :))

Hi, I would have liked to try the cake yesterday for my birthday, but honestly I didn't want time, but I promise to try it.

I am convinced that you will eventually find time to do it, I just hope that then you will have enough time to enjoy it :) Happy Birthday!

Should the edges of the form be lined with burnt sugar, or just the bottom of the bowl?

Hello, from the sunny Piura- Peru,

I managed to make a magnificent apple cake according to your recipe, my Peruvian family here was so excited that they asked for rehearsal,
this weekend I will delight them again with this delight.
Thank you very much.

Hello! :) They couldn't help but like it, the cake looks like a sun and they are the descendants of the Incas, right? Maybe that helped too :))) I'm glad to hear that you got both the cake and the soup.

Thinking of the sunny lands, I was about to forget :) Yes, the whole surface of the vessel is lined with burnt sugar.

yes, I also make this cake often and I can say that it is the simplest cake recipe and it is tasty (sometimes I leave it so simple or garnish it with whipped cream for whoever wants it) it is delicious!

I really like the way it looks, even if it may seem unfinished to some. Now I would decorate it only in case it doesn't come off the bowl properly, but initially we dress this apple cake baked in chocolate.

Good evening, I also tried this network :) The problem is that I made it in the pan (I had unpleasant experiences with the yena bowls - it broke in the oven so I didn't even think to put a yena bowl on the stove flame) and it stuck to me bottom :( the top is like on the edges not: D (although I caramelized the edges as well.) I overturned it when it cooled, did I have to overturn it when I took it out of the oven? bain marie I didn't have this problem anymore, but I don't know how well it cooked. I have to confess that only when I saw the comment I noticed that it is a man who prepares the goodies on this site :) and the name of the site :) (like any internet user I searched on google for apple cake recipes), so congratulations! Rarely men who sit in the pan: p and how many recipes I found here I wonder if you are not a cook? :) P.S. In the meantime did you get married? :))

:) No, I'm not married yet. But since you allow yourself to ask me if I got married, you should allow yourself to tutor me, right? ) You should set up a blog rule. I'm not a cook, cooking is a kind of play combined with necessity.
I never thought of baking the cake at bain marie, maybe because I haven't encountered any problems so far. As soon as I take the baked apple cake out of the oven, pour the warm syrup over it, let it soak for a few minutes and then turn it over. I put the plate on top and suddenly turn it over, and if it doesn't come off immediately, I punch it a little. I understand you're using a gas oven, did you put the cake very close to the flame?

Good evening, I will make another apple cake because I don't give up until it comes out: P I in my characteristic style: P, I changed it a bit: D, I didn't fill the apples with anything , but I simply peeled them, cut them in 2, and put them separately in a baking tray to soften so I don't have to add butter: P - I did that because I really like the syrupy top (in other recipes I didn't find the syrup stage), I thought that if we left them whole and filled, the top didn't feel much: P. I didn't put the cake near the flame, but on a grill in the middle, in the pan obviously :). I waited for the cake and the syrup to cool, only then I put it on top and turned it over (I had to beat it a bit) :). When I make the recipe again, I will turn it over when it is syrupy and hot :) What brand do you recommend regarding whipped cream? I took it from Milli but it didn't harden much although I mixed it well (I tried to beat it more but it cuts) so the part with the ornament didn't come out properly either :(

Hi! I like that you don't give up :)) It seems to me that the apple cake baked with burnt sugar doesn't seem to have any charm if it's not syrupy. Try using smaller apples too, but you should do exactly as the recipe says - if you don't try, you can't tell if you like it or not.
I don't know what whipped cream to recommend, apart from the one made personally from sour cream :) I didn't find any that would fully satisfy me, but I still prefer the liquid ones. I buy them at random, I don't prefer a specific company, I bought even those made by unknown companies and they seemed about the same.

I tried the cake today and it turned out very very good. I still wanted to ask what you were preparing for Christmas. And happy holidays. Arabela

At the risk of disappointing you a little, I must confess that I will not cook anything at all :) I am away from home. Otherwise, obviously I would have prepared only recipes from here, from the blog: D
Happy celebrations!

It's 6 in the morning, my son is going to carol with Santa Claus and I make apple cake like my mother did when I was a child. I hope to come out and make a pleasant surprise for my loved ones. The cake is baked, looks great and is almost ready! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

I came back to the previous comment to tell you that the cake is great! Thanks for the recipe! I used more apples because I had a large tray and I also increased the amount of countertop composition. After the apples were browned on top, I turned them upside down in the tray with the help of two tablespoons. caroled.Thank you again.Happy holidays! OANA Z

Oana, what a morning you are. You remind me of my childhood, that's exactly what my mother did, only she made cakes :) I'm glad you didn't run into problems and I hope your little boy is just as excited about the cake, in the end his decision is the most important :)
Merry Christmas!

Hello, lacratlacratita!
Today I made the cake. It turned out great, from 8 apples!
I really like how you work, how you advertise on social networks. Therefore, please tell me if you agree to add a link to my blog, which although it is in English, is also read by Romanian friends. Check, and if you don't want to, delete it. This way I have your blog at hand. I specify that I still use it.

Hi! I've never made the cake out of so many apples, I could never cram them in my embarrassment bowl :)
It didn't take my consent for a simple link, I don't think anyone could be bothered by that. I rather promote my blog on social networks, for advertising I think I should pay: D

So this cake is absolutely wonderful. Today I saw the recipe and of course, I couldn't help myself, I did it.
Honestly, congratulations for the recipes and last but not least congratulations for making me cook (which happens very rarely, almost not at all)
I promise I will try other recipes of yours

It seems that the apple cake makes us even do things considered & quottabu & quot :) Thanks for the nice words, I think it would sound just as good for you. To as many successful recipes as possible!

it is my favorite cake, which my mother prepared, every time she had the opportunity. Now I am the one who will try to make it, because my birthday is approaching and I would like to impress my friends and fiancé , at the same time. I can't wait! ms for the recipe, Robert!

With pleasure, Amalia! To be even more sure of success, maybe it wouldn't hurt to read the recipe's comments, maybe they will help you get a flawless apple cake and thus be sure that everyone will be impressed. Obviously, if you have the time and patience to read them all :)
I wish you from now on & quot; Happy Birthday! & Quot and I am waiting for you to test other cakes on the blog.

Hi ! Today I also made the apple cake. It's still in the oven. I'll let you know how it turned out :)

I took the cake out of the oven! Is awesome .
I baked it in a rectangular, smaller Teflon tray and used 6 apples.
I filled the apples with cherry jam mixed with small pieces of nuts and added a little cinnamon. It's delicious!
Thanks for the simple recipe :)

Hi! I think I'm making this cake for the 5th time today. :-) It is a total success. Thanks for the recipe! I respect her completely, but because I'm lazier, I don't separate eggs and she grows very well anyway. And I add ground walnuts to jam / jam. However, I have a question: it looks a bit brown at the bottom - the sugar burns a little while it is baking in the oven. What can I do to paste the caramel color? And I have an electric oven and bake it at an average temperature: 180 degrees.

Hi! I'm just as lazy, I'm surprised I didn't think to do the same :) Even if we have the same kind of oven, they still bake differently. You can try to put the cake in the oven as high as possible, but I think that brown on the bottom is inevitable - or maybe it would come out flawlessly, but it could burn on top :) One thing I'm sure of: it burned me quite a bit bad at the bottom when I placed the apple cake directly on the base of the oven.

Since I like to read the comments on the recipes, now, after half a year, & quotimi I put my nose in & quot as they say, although I haven't tried your recipe, regarding the fact that the cake darkens at the bottom. I also know a variant of this cake in which the composition of burnt sugar cream (eggs + milk + sugar, mixed) is poured over the apples placed on the caramel and after it has coagulated a little, like a pudding, the pandispan is put. This way the cake no longer has to be syruped. But it is true that 200 g of sugar is caramelized and the composition of burnt sugar cream is liquid. In this way, when the cake is turned, it is syruped (and it also has cream). From the burnt sugar cream recipe, I know that the bowl with the composition is placed in a tray with water in the oven. In fact, I wanted to get here - would that be a solution to keep the cake from darkening at the base? To be put in a tray with water? I hope I didn't bother anyone with this comment. I would be sorry, I really like this blog and I usually refrain from comments, I prefer to read them.

You don't have to worry, you will never bother when you come up with suggestions. It is possible that when there is a pot of water between the oven flame and the cake, the cake will not burn so badly. But I think the solution would be valid only for gas ovens, not electric ones. I haven't tried it, I don't even prepare the burnt sugar cream like this, I put it directly in the oven.

The apple cake is in the oven! I'm sure it will work great for me because I can't go wrong with your recipes. Congratulations! You are a wonderful cook!

:) Thanks, Elena! I'm not really a great cook, but I like this aura of invincibility with which you surrounded me: D

Operation apple cake a total success, just like me instead of jam (because I do not like any color jam, unless it's cherry jam: D) I put nuts, a lot of nuts (I love these crazy) and I put a little cinnamon on top of the apples. it smells like Christmas in my house. I can't wait for my friends to come and give me the verdict, although until they come I think I'll only have half the cake left.
Thanks for the recipe!

And I should thank you, you just improved my recipe for ripe apple pie :) After all, did you manage to keep some cake for your girlfriends? : P

Yes. but when they discovered the termites the taste of the cake did not go away until there was nothing left. I still do. I decided to try a new cake every weekend. so see you on saturday at the next cake!

And I, who was worried that maybe they were too critical. :)) It remains to be seen on Saturday which will be the cake that you will make the star)

Pleasant. Made. Missed :)
Very & quotfaina & quot and good recipe: D

fffffff good cake and f simple. thanks for the recipe

With pleasure! I hope you will find here other recipes that will catch your eye)

I did it a second time. First out of 5 apples, now out of 7. It turned out very well. I just didn't manage to get the spine out without going to the other side. So the jam drained in half which gave the crust a reddish color (from cherries).
Thanks for the recipe

With pleasure! I think you should have tried to put a piece of apple as a stopper at the bottom of the apple, so the jam would not have drained.

I have long wanted an apple cake recipe as we ate in our youth at the Orient confectionery in Brasov. :-) Well, this recipe is very close !! Congratulations!

He has to say from the beginning that I'm not very talented in the kitchen, I don't know how to make it come out, that's why I follow the recipes exactly. However, I had to make some small adjustments that took me out of my comfort zone. -)

I put 5 apples, but I used the round cake tray, because my dishes of embarrassment are too small and honestly, I was afraid to put a bowl of embarrassment directly on the flame. (You don't have a problem with that?)

But the composition seemed to me to have nowhere to go and it swelled quite a lot (apples too big.). I filled them with blueberry jam, although I thought a mixture of honey and walnut would work.

All in all, it turned out spectacular, my 5-year-old son was mesmerized by how the cake turns!

A bit sweet for my taste and not because of the composition that is perfect in taste, but because of the syrup. Too bad I didn't read the comments before I started baking, I would have made a less sweet syrup.

The appearance left little to be desired because it darkened at the bottom, although I baked it in the middle of the oven. Plus it stuck to one side and I had to "pat" it, which I didn't like at all. That's why I quickly beat some whipped cream and put it on. Maybe I should bake it over low heat, not medium.

It's the first time I put a cake in whipped cream and I didn't really know how to make it look beautiful. Any suggestions? Do I have to put whipped cream in a bag and squeeze it on top ?? :-)

In the Orient, however, they cut the apples into pieces and caramelized them like this, which I may do next time, given the fact that last night I cut to taste and I got a piece without a trace of apple. :-) In addition, they did not use jam in their recipe and the jam makes it sweeter anyway.

I tasted it once more today, after sitting in the fridge overnight, because last night I didn't have the patience to cool down properly.

Anyway, once again congratulations, it seems to me an EXTREMELY easy and at the same time extremely successful recipe!

Thanks, Adina!
You have to have the courage and adjust the recipes more, in the end it's not a big tragedy if you miss it sometimes, it happens to us all. But this way you can adapt them to your tastes and the ingredients you have.
I had no emotion with the dish of embarrassment placed directly on the stove, I had already dissipated my emotions when I prepared the recipe for burnt sugar cream :)
I think you have to take into account the way you bake your oven, and if you have one on gas, maybe next time you should put the cake on top. Unfortunately, baking is not an exact science and we have to adapt to the oven we have.
I think that the cream cake is more about experience and skill than the technique used. It doesn't spoil any pos, to decorate it more beautifully :)

Ingredients for the recipe of ripe apples with walnuts

  • 6 apples
  • 100 gr ground walnuts
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 2 tablespoons honey

Preparation for ripe apples with walnuts, butter and honey

The apples are washed and then dug inside to remove the spine. Be careful not to crack the bottom of the apple. After the stalks are removed, add a teaspoon of butter to each apple, and grease well inside up. The ground walnut is mixed with the sugar and added to the apple by pressing with a teaspoon. Top with a teaspoon of butter and a few pieces of walnut kernel. Place the apples in the pan and bake on medium heat, 180 degrees, until the apples are cooked, soaked.

Serve with honey on top. Or simple. Or with a word of whipped cream. Or with vanilla ice cream.

Mihaela's advice

you can sprinkle cinnamon inside the apple before adding the butter. Raisins can also be added.

The recipe and the pictures belong to Mihaela Teodora Motroceanu and she participates in the competition & bdquoThe big autumn contest, with guaranteed prizes, without drawing lots & rdquo. You can find more recipes published by her here.

The average grade given by the jury for this recipe is 10.

Recipes with Gina Bradea & raquo Recipes & raquo Ripe apples with walnuts, butter and honey, simple and tasty recipe

5 recipes with apples, for autumn lovers

1. Biscuit with apples

If we are talking about apple recipes, we need to talk about it! Galeta is the name given to a round cake in France. It has many versions, the best known being galette du rois, a famous dessert that is served on Epiphany Day. Our version has homemade dough, and the filling made of apples and apricot jam.

2. Pie with meat and apples

Trying new and new combinations of ingredients, some perhaps unexpected, is a sure recipe for culinary delights. Apples and pork, for example, are not often found in the same recipe. But when they do, the result can be delicious. This is also the case with this pie.

3. Baked apples with oats and cinnamon

Keeping a diet is not easy. Especially if you like desserts. Fortunately, there are many healthy and tasty desserts to choose from. This is for fans of apples ripened with cinnamon, over which I added some oatmeal, a little vanilla and honey. And at the end, you can serve everything with a little Greek yogurt on top.

4. Pork roll with apples and spinach

Tasty, meaty, and with a delicious filling! This is how we could summarize this preparation. It is a pork tenderloin stuffed with apple, spinach, and mushrooms. As a suggestion for serving, we recommend serving the roll in thin slices.

5. Apple pie

This apple cake combines the freshness of the fruit with the irresistible tastes of caramel and vanilla. The juicy apples contrast nicely with the fluffy dough. Probably, at the end of the first portion, you will want to put another slice.

Recipe for caramelized ripe apples with cinnamon

Ripe, caramelized apples with cinnamon are delicious especially in winter. The combination of apple and cinnamon is perfect and can be served as a dessert at a festive meal or it can be a surprise for your loved ones. Doctors recommend eating apples and cinnamon. It can be served as such or with milk and egg cream or vanilla ice cream.


  • 6 large apples
  • 50g of breadcrumbs
  • 8 dried apricots, chopped into large pieces or bananas
  • 75g of sugar with cinnamon
  • 75g of butter
  • grated peel and juice of 1 orange
  • milk and egg cream or vanilla ice cream, for serving


Preheat the oven to 160 degrees. Meanwhile, mix the breadcrumbs, apricots, cinnamon sugar, butter and orange peel.
With a device to remove the spine or if you do not have, with a knife, remove the middle of the apples, then cut the peel in the middle so that the apples do not break while ripening.
Fill the apples, then place them in a heat-resistant dish in the pan. If you do not have a heat-resistant dish and use a classic tray or even a smaller dish, it is advisable to use aluminum foil. Mix the orange juice with 150ml of water and pour around the apples. Bake for 40-50 minutes, until nicely browned and very soft, but still retaining its shape. Serve with the sauce in the bowl and with milk cream or vanilla ice cream.
If you don't like apricots or want to change the recipe to surprise your loved ones, instead of apricots you can use bananas that you cut into small pieces.


Mix brown sugar with ground cinnamon in a proportion of 100g of sugar to 1 teaspoon of cinnamon. If you want the sugar to be just flavored, not colored, stick a few whole cinnamon sticks in a jar of sugar and keep them there for at least three months.

To prepare well-ripened apples, you need the right kind of apples. Not only must the flavor be correct, the pulp must not disintegrate when heated in the oven. To make sure that the apples are well lacquered, it is good to use firm-sausage varieties with a slightly sour taste that goes well with vanilla sauce or ice cream. But since the tastes are known to be different, it is up to each of them to decide whether they prefer its very sweet or slightly sour ripe apples. The consistency of the apple should not be too glossy. Varieties intended primarily for raw consumption, such as "Pink Lady" or "Elstar", are naturally sweet and color when ripe relatively quickly.
"Boskoop" is probably the best known variety of apple for delicate apples. But also varieties such as "Berlepsch", "Jonagold", "Cox Orange" or "Gravensteiner" are suitable for experiencing the taste of the fruit in the oven. "Boskoop" and "Cox Orange" are slightly more saturated in flavor and slightly peeled due to their size. In the oven, they develop a great aroma and retain their shape. The "Jonagold" apple variety is also sour in taste and available in almost all supermarkets. The medium apple variety "Berlepsch" can be well drained and has a slightly acidic and strong aroma, which fits perfectly with the cream. Even "Gravensteiner" makes a good figure like a baking apple. The Danish national apple, dotted and punctuated by the Danes, was satisfied with a juicy, fresh pasta and is one of the varieties of solid cooking.

For the preparation of ripe apples, you definitely need an apple slicer or a similar one, with which you can dissolve the stem, the core carcass and the bean sprouts at once from the center of the apple. The resulting hole can then be provided with a delicious filling of your choice. For the oven you need a baking dish.

Mere de mere cu mere cu smântână și scorțișoară

Provocarea, dar cu siguranta merita efortul: merele coapte cu mucegai de smantana si scortisoara

Ingrediente (pentru 6 persoane)

  • 3 până la 4 coli de gelatină
  • 180 ml de cremă
  • 60 g de zahăr
  • 240 g de smantana
  • 2 tablespoons rum
  • 2 linguri de suc de mere
  • 50 g stafide
  • 60 g butter
  • 50 g powdered sugar
  • 1 gălbenuș de ou (S)
  • 45 g de migdale măcinate
  • 60 g de făină
  • 3 mere ("Boskoop" sau "Cox Orange")
  • 60 g ciocolată (amarbă)
  • scorțișoară
  • 6 forme hemisferice (sau, alternativ, 6 cești)

Pentru completare: Mai întâi, înmuiați gelatina în apă. Acum, crema este lovită rigid. Odată ce gelatina este înmuiată, se poate scoate din apă și se stoarce. Apoi încălziți zahărul împreună cu aproximativ 60 de grame de smântână și dizolvați gelatina în el. Se amestecă smântână rămasă. În cele din urmă, crema este subliniată. Puneți masa în matrițe, le lăsați și le puneți în frigider timp de cel puțin două ore. Se fierbe romul cu sucul de mere și se înmoaie stafidele. Puneți untul, gălbenușul de ou, făină, zahăr pudră și migdale într-un castron separat și amestecați totul într-un aluat neted. Înfășurați aluatul în filmul agățat și răciți-l timp de 30 de minute. Preîncălziți cuptorul la 180 de grade (convecție). Rulați aluatul în jur de o jumătate de centimetru grosime și tăiați cercuri în diametrul emisferelor. Coaceți bucățile de aluat timp de aproximativ 12 minute până când maro auriu.
Pentru merele coapte: Melele spălate sunt înjumătățite, miezul îndepărtat și plasat cu fața în jos într-un vas greșit de caserolă. Acum, merele coapte trebuie să gătească timp de aproximativ 20 de minute la aproximativ 180 de grade.
For decoration: Se topește ciocolata și se toarnă amestecul într-un plic mic. Pe o tavă de copt, presărați mici crengi și lăsați-le să se îngroape în frigider.
Când merele coapte sunt gata, ele sunt răspândite pe plăci și fiecare umplut cu câteva stafide de rom. Apoi puneți un biscuit rotund pe el și puneți semănatul Schmandmousse pe biscuiți. În cele din urmă, puneți în ramura de ciocolată și praf, cu puțină scorțișoară.

Un măr copt conţine în jur de 5 grame de fibre, ceea ce reprezintă 19% din doza zilnică recomandată. Fibrele insolubile care se găsesc în coaja merelor asigură o bună digestie, înlesnind mişcările intestinului. Secretul e să coci merele cu coajă cu tot, altfel dintr-un măr de dimensiune medie vei obţine doar 2.1 grame fibre, în loc de 4.4. De asemenea, cu cât coci merele mai puţin şi coaja rămâne mai intactă, cu atât îi vei asigura organismului mai multe fibre.

La fel ca majoritatea fructelor, şi merele conţin cantităţi însemnate de flavonoizi, antioxidanţi care pot reduce riscul de boli cardiovasculare, cancer şi alte afecţiuni cronice. Pentru a suplimenta cantitatea de flavonoizi oferită de merele coapte, serveşte acest desert alături de un pahar de vin roşu, o ceaşcă de ceai verde sau negru ori o bucăţică de ciocolată neagră – toate sunt surse excelente de flavonoizi.

La ce trebuie să ai grijă? Deşi majoritatea nutrienţilor din mere se păstrează şi după prelucrarea termică, vitamina C se pierde aproape în totalitate atunci când este expusă la căldură. De pildă, un măr mediu conţine 8.4 mg vitamina C înainte de coacere, iar după, abia 0.4 mg. De aceea, în ziua în care mănânci mere coapte, ai grijă să îţi suplimentezi necesarul de vitamina C din alte surse, cum ar fi broccoli şi ardei roşu (proaspete sau doar uşor gătite), citrice şi căpşune.

Acum că ai aflat că merele coapte sunt un desert nutritiv, încearcă aceste reţete delicioase:

Prăjitură cu mere la tigaie (fără cuptor) – răsturnată cu mere caramelizate

Prăjitură cu mere la tigaie (fără cuptor) – răsturnată cu mere caramelizate. Pandișpan pufos cu mere coapte, stafide și zahăr ars. Cum se coace o prăjitură în tigaie, pe aragaz sau pe plită cu inducție? Rețete de prăjituri cu mere. Rețete preparate la tigaie.

Probabil că vă veți întreba: de ce o prăjitură cu mere la tigaie? De ce o prăjitură făcută pe aragaz? De ce fără cuptor? Răspunsul este simplu: pentru că unii nu au cuptor! Sau au cuptor dar nu doresc să încingă toată bucătăria pentru o simplă prăjitură. Mai ales vara, când nu știm cum să ne ferim de căldură. Am gândit această prăjitură răsturnată cu mere pentru cei care locuiesc în spații mici, care nu beneficiază de bucătării complexe dar și pentru cei care doresc să încerce o rețetă inedită. Orice student va putea prepara această prăjitură răsturnată cu mere pe un reșou.

Știu că e greu de crezut că poți coace un pandișpan cu mere pe aragaz (sau pe plită cu inducție) dar… uite că se poate! Blatul este pufos, bine copt de sus până jos, iar stratul generos de mere caramelizate cu stafide este fabulos! Sunt multe rețete de prăjituri la tigaie însă cam toate necesită și coacere la cuptor. Păi, ce-am rezolvat? M-am ambiționat să creez această variantă de prăjitură gătită integral fără cuptor iar rezultatul a fost unul wow!

În locul merelor se pot alege alte fructe: pere, caise, piersici, ananas, prune, cireșe, vișine etc. Eu am ales mere mai verzi (mai acrișoare) care să echilibreze caramelul. Dacă nu vă plac stafidele puteți pune merișoare deshidratate. Nu este greșit dacă adăugați și o mână de nuci, alune sau migdale tocate. Chiar dacă merele merg bine cu scorțișoară, de data aceasta am ales arome de vanilie și portocale, compatibile perfect cu gustul zahărului ars.

Din cantitățile de mai jos rezultă o prăjitură cu mere la tigaie de cca. 24 cm diametru din care se pot tăia 6-8 felii generoase.

Rețeta pentru mere coapte caramelizate cu scorțișoară

Merele coapte, caramelizate cu scorţişoară sunt delicioase mai ales în perioada de iarnă. Combinaţia de măr cu scorţişoară este perfect şi poate fi servit ca desert la o masă festivă sau poate fi o surpriză pentru cei dragi. Medicii recomandă consumul de mere dar şi de scorţişoară. Poate fi servit ca atare sau alături de cremă de lapte şi ou sau îngheţată de vanilia.


  • 6 mere mari
  • 50g de pesmet
  • 8 caise uscate, tocate în bucăţi mari sau banane
  • 75g de zahăr cu scorţişoară
  • 75g de unt
  • coaja rasă şi sucul de la 1 portocală
  • cremă de lapte şi ou sau îngheţată de vanilie, pentru servit


Se încălzeşte cuptorul la 160 de grade. Între timp, se amestecă pesmetul, caisele, zahărul cu scorţişoară, untul şi coaja de portocală.
Cu un dispozitiv de scos cotorul sau dacă nu aveţi, cu un cuţit, se scoate mijlocul merelor, apoi se crestează coaja pe mijloc pentru ca merele să nu se spargă în timp ce se coc.
Se umplu merele, apoi se aşază într-un vas termorezistent dau în tavă. Dacă nu aveţi un vas termorezistent şi folosiţi o tavă clasică sau chiar un vas mai mic, este indicat să folosiţi o folie de aluminiu. Se amestecă sucul de portocale cu 150ml de apă şi se toarnă în jurul merelor. Se dau la cuptor timp de 40-50 de minute, până se rumenesc frumos şi devin foarte moi, dar încă păstrându-şi forma. Se servesc împreună cu sosul din vas şi cu cremă de lapte sau îngheţată de vanilie.
În cazul în care nu vă plac caisele sau doriţi să schimbaţi reţeta pentru a-i surprinde pe cei dragi, în loc de caise puteţi folosi banane pe care le tăiaţi mărunt.


Se amestecă zahăr brun cu scorţişoară măcinată într-o proporţie de 100g de zahăr la 1 linguriţă de scorţişoară. Dacă vrei ca zahărul să fie doar aromat, nu şi colorat, înfige câteva beţişoare de scorţişoară întregi într-un borcan cu zahăr şi ţine-le acolo timp de cel puţin trei luni.

Video: Γλυκά για Διαβητικούς Ψητά Μήλα γεμιστά με καρύδια Στέβια2018 (May 2022).