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Vegan Club Sandwich

Vegan Club Sandwich

First wash and toss the lettuce and cabbage, and wash the tomatoes, capsicums and cucumbers, wipe with a paper towel and slice.

Cut the red cabbage finely, sprinkle with salt and knead for a few seconds to soften a little. Add a dressing made of olive oil and lemon juice and mix gently so that the cabbage is impregnated with it.

Cut the mini baguette along and fill with 1-2 lettuce leaves, over which are placed: red cabbage, which has been marinated for a few minutes in the dressing, slices of tomatoes, cucumbers and capsicum. Add 1-2 green lettuce leaves and cover everything with the other half of the mini baguette.

The remaining vegetables can accompany the sandwich on the plate.


Awesome Vegan Sandwich Ideas

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1. Easy Cheesy Vegan Spinach Pesto Grilled Cheese

Get The Full Recipe On Peas and Crayons

Can you resist this oh so melty vegan spinach pesto grilled cheese sandwich? Looking at it makes me hungry already!

Either you opt for some super melty vegan cheese slices or choose traditional cheese, this spinach and pesto spiked grilled cheese sammies will be a sure hit!

2. Sweet & Spicy Tempeh Sandwich + Carrot Aioli

Get The Full Recipe On Oh My Veggies

This tempeh sandwich doesn & # 8217t only look amazing but tastes so good with each bite! It has that sweet, smoky, and spicy combo from sunflower seed carrot aioli, carrot ribbons, ripe avocado slices, and sprouts.

3. Vegan Jackfruit Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Get The Full Recipe On Vegan Heaven

I love jackfruit when it's ripe but these jackfruit pulled pork sandwiches look delectable too! Combined with avocado and vegan ranch sauce, these vegan sandwiches are close to the real thing!

4. Spicy Falafel And Roasted Veggie Naan-wich

Get The Full Recipe On Pinch of Yum

Love spices? Then you shouldn't miss this one!

This Spicy Falafel And Roasted Veggie Naan-wich are made with 5 ingredient falafel, roasted veggies, and avocado sauce stuffed between garlic naan. A must try!

5. Homemade TTLA Sandwich

Get The Full Recipe On Sweet Simple Vegan

Calling all vegan lovers! This is going to be your new favorite sandwich – stuffed with homemade tempeh bacon, tomatoes, lettuce, avocado, and homemade vegan garlic aioli!

Best Healthy Vegan Sandwiches: 25 Incredibly Delicious Vegan Sandwich Recipes

1. Avocado Sandwich

Full recipe on Gathering Dreams

Who doesn & rsquot like a good old avocado sandwich? This one is made with creamy hummus, buttery avocado, red onion, a combination of fresh tomato slices topped with slowly roasted sundried tomatoes, and lots of greens. This vegan sandwich is one of my favorite healthy lunch recipes when I am in a hurry or can & rsquot be bothered to cook anything.

2. Chickpea Salad Sandwich

Full recipe on Gathering Dreams

This sandwich is a mix between an egg salad and a vegan tuna salad sandwich. You & rsquoll need some whole grain slices of bread, some creamy smashed chickpea filling, and plenty of crunchy veggies. And just 15 minutes of your time!

3. Vegan & ldquoBLT & rdquo Sandwich

Full recipe on Minimalist Baker

Oh my! This is soo good! It takes only 10 minutes to put together if you make the & ldquobacon & rdquo in advance (which will take you 40 minutes).

It & rsquos made with 6 ingredients, including vegan mayo, eggplant bacon, and plenty of fresh vegetables! Crisp, smoky, flavorful, and so delicious.

I promise. You won & rsquot miss the real deal!

4. Vegan Balsamic Sweet Potato Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Full recipe on The Colorful Kitchen

This sandwich has an incredible sweet n & rsquo salty flavor! The roasted sweet potatoes and balsamic reduction are perfectly balanced out by the salty cheese and slightly bitter greens. Made with only a few ingredients, this vegan sandwich is pure heaven.

5. Smoked Tofu Ciabatta Sandwich

Full recipe on Gathering Dreams

If you & rsquove never tried smoked tofu, you are missing out big time. Every mouthful of this smoked tofu ciabatta is pure joy! Made with smokey, crispy tofu, a sweet and tangy tahini sauce, creamy avocado, juicy tomatoes, and peppery arugula. Delicious!

6. The Best Vegan & lsquoPulled Pork & rsquo Sandwich

Full recipe on Minimalist Baker

If you are looking for a protein-packed sandwich, this is the one! This vegan & ldquopulled pork & rdquo sandwich is rich in smokey, sweet flavor and contains 17 g of protein per serving. Instead of using the more typical jackfruit (delicious but not rich in nutrients), it & rsquos made with a combination of carrots and lentils. Hearty and delicious!

7. The Ultimate Veggie Sandwich

Full recipe on Healthy Little Vittles

This veggie sandwich is made with a chewy gluten-free bagel, cream & lsquocheese, & rsquo and plenty of veggies. Plus some flavorful kale pesto.

8. Banh Mi Sandwich

Full recipe on Love And Lemons

Banh Mi is a Vietnamese sandwich, born on the streets of Saigon. It & rsquos a French-Vietnamese hybrid made with a baguette, pickles, cilantro, chilis, cucumber, and various protein options. In this version, delicious marinated tofu is the star.

9. Tempeh Vegan Club Sandwich

Full recipe on Bakerita

I tried tempeh for the first time during our trip to Bali, and I LOVED it! It & rsquos not used as often as tofu in recipes, but I like its crunchy texture! This BLT sandwich uses marinated tempeh to recreate the texture of bacon. Delicious!

10. Spicy Falafel And Roasted Veggie Naan-wich

Full recipe on Pinch Of Yum

This naan sandwich is made with falafel, roasted veggies, and avocado sauce stuffed between a naan garlic. An amazing sandwich recipe to keep in your books forever!

11. Vegan & lsquoEgg & rsquo Salad Sandwich

Full recipe on The Simple Veganista

This vegan egg salad version is made using silken tofu. This type of tofu has a silky consistency and reminds me of the consistency of a very soft jelly that falls apart very easily. And this makes it perfect for recreating the texture of scrambled eggs!

12. Healthy Vegan Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Full recipe on Nutriciously

The healthy melty cheese sauce used in this sandwich is made with full-fat coconut milk, nutritional yeast for the cheesy flavor, tapioca starch, onion, and garlic powder, plus some salt. Honestly, it tastes like real cheese! Delicious!

13. Vegan Avocado Toast

Full recipe on Gathering Dreams

Ok, this isn't really a sandwich. But if we are talking about easy lunch ideas that take no time to make and involve crunchy toasted bread, I think we can include avocado toast on the list. Don & rsquot you agree? My version is made with crispy, spicy chickpeas for additional protein.

14. Vegan Fish Finger Sandwich

Full recipe on Lazy Cat Kitchen

If you miss crunchy fish fingers, this vegan sandwich is perfect for recreating those flavors! Want to know where the sea taste comes from? Seaweeds!

15. Vegan Meatball Sandwich

Full recipe on Love And Lemons

And if you crave meatballs, this hearty version is the perfect filling for your meatball sub. You need mushrooms, black beans, brown rice, and lots of spices and seasoning. And of course, tomato sauce!

16. The Best Vegan Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Full recipe on Minimalist Baker

A cheese sandwich is hard to beat! But what & rsquos the secret to making the perfect vegan version? Cheddar & lsquocheese & rsquo! Once the cheese is ready, all you need is 1 pan and 15 minutes to crisp the bread to perfection!

17. Vegan BBQ Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Full recipe on The Colorful Kitchen

Barbeque sauce brings the carrot filling in this sandwich to the next level! For this sandwich, I used olive oil and the same easy-to-make spreadable cheddar cheese above. Seriously good!

18. Grilled Peanut Butter Apple Sandwich

Full recipe on The Simple Veganista

And if you have a bit of a sweet tooth and want something light for lunch, how about a fruity take on the classic peanut butter sandwich? I tried this with almond butter and can confirm that both versions are delicious.

19. Green Goddess Hummus Sandwich

Full recipe on Cookie And Kate

Yes, hummus is one of the easiest and most delicious fillings you can use in vegan sandwiches. And this sandwich filled with homemade hummus, lots of veggies, and pickles is easy to make and delicious.

20. Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich

Full recipe on The Simple Veganista

If you love Mediterranean-inspired flavors, you have to try this. The combination of roasted red peppers, cucumber, tomato, avocado, hummus, and basil is just so good.

21. Curried Tofu Banh Mi

Full recipe on Vegan Richa

More tofu? Yes, but with an Asian twist! This sandwich comes together within 30 minutes. It & rsquos made with a coconut sauce that is creamy, sweet, and delicious.

22. Onigirazu (Sushi Sandwich)

Full Recipe on Lazy Cat Kitchen

A sandwich made of sushi? Yes, please! If you are a sushi lover, this is a must-try. It & rsquos a mix between a sushi roll and a western sandwich. It & rsquos easy to make and even easier to transport around. Plus, it's naturally gluten-free.

23. Black Bean & Plantain Arepa Sandwiches

Full recipe on Minimalist Baker

Have you ever tried arepa sandwiches? They are salty cakes made with cornmeal, originally from South America (they were born between Colombia, Venezuela, and Panama). They are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, easy to make, and so versatile! Try this version with black beans and plantation: truly special!

24. Vegan Breakfast Sandwich

Full recipe on Yummy Yummy Kitchen

If you are in the mood for a breakfast sandwich, I got you covered! Veggie sausage, tofu & lsquoegg, & rsquo avocado, and lots of greens. So satisfying!

25. Veggie Sandwich

Full recipe on I am A Food Blog

Last but not least! This veggie sandwich is packed with all sorts of crunchy plant-based goodness. It doesn & rsquot get much better than this if you are after a healthy sandwich filled with nutrients!

There you have it! A list of the most incredible vegan sandwiches!

Believe me. They are all delicious!

This list contains the top vegan sandwich ideas to celebrate how exciting a plant-based lunch can be: from the classic avocado sandwich to the best vegan BLT to smashed chickpea salad sandwiches. There is something for everyone!

Just pick a couple to make this week and discover the perfect combo of simplicity and wholesome ingredients.

More healthy lunch ideas you & rsquoll love

If you try any of these healthy vegan sandwich recipes, please leave a comment and a rating and let me know how much you liked it!

Vegetarian Club Sandwich

This hearty club sandwich is one of my favorite lunch recipes! A creamy spread and lots of veggies perfectly accent smoky marinated tempeh strips.

Someone recently asked me & # 8211 when do you use tempeh? I responded with, “when I’m tired of tofu and chickpeas… that’s when it’s tempeh time :)” To be honest, no one really knocks down my door begging for more tempeh recipes, but since that interview, I’ve had it on the brain. Tempeh is delicious, so let & # 8217s make a club sandwich with it!

Club Sandwich & # 8220Meat & # 8221

The marinade I created for the tempeh is a smoky mixture that includes tamari or soy sauce, maple syrup, ground cumin, and smoked paprika. When you first mix this together, the flavor is going to be very (very) salty and pungent, but since plain tempeh starts out with literally ZERO flavor, it’ll all balance out in the end.

Speaking of things that aren’t bland, we’re partnering with eureka! ® Organic Bread on this post. (You might remember this springy edamame sandwich from last year!). Their bread is seriously tasty. It’s vegan, non-GMO, and full of good-for-you grains and seeds. Most importantly, it’s soft, chewy and delicious.

How to Make A Great Club Sandwich

Once your crispy, golden brown cooked tempeh is ready, it's time to load up your sandwich! Instead of mayo, I slathered this vegan sandwich with 2 flavorful spreads. The first is a lemony garlic white bean spread. The second is a sun dried tomato spread that I made by blending half of the original white bean spread with a few sun dried tomatoes. Of course, if you happen to have hummus on hand, you could use that in place of both.

I stacked my sandwiches with peppery watercress, crisp cucumber slices, and ripe avocado slices.

Ultimate Rainbow Vegetable Sandwich

First up in our vegetarian sandwiches, the most beautiful sandwich of all: our rainbow vegetable sandwich! One of the best ways we’ve found to get kids – and adults – to eat veggies is simply to make them look good. And this rainbow vegetable sandwich is as delicious as it is beautiful! It features herbed goat cheese spread, pickled radishes, roasted peppers, avocado, and red onion. It’s one of the tastiest ways to eat your veg. (Vegan option)

18 Vegan Sandwiches That Travel Well

Posted: Jul 10, 2020 by Lori Modified: Sep 8, 2020 · This post contains affiliate links.

Check out this list of easy, travel-friendly Vegan Sandwiches. Whether you’re packing a lunch for work or heading outside for a hike or picnic, any one of these tasty vegan sandwiches is sure to hit the spot!

I asked my vegan blogger friends for their easy sandwich recipes and pulled together this list with an emphasis on:

  1. fun flavors
  2. ease of preparation
  3. and of course, the sandwiches need to be easy to eat while out and about!

For any sandwich that calls for mayo, which is a lot of them, you can’t go wrong with my Oil-Free Aquafaba Mayo recipe. Every time I make it I get excited by the flavor all over again! As a bonus, it's a lot more affordable than specialty vegan may you'll find in stores. If you don't happen to be opening a can of chickpeas or just don't want to use aquafaba, feel free to sub water. Easy as that!

Browse through these mouth-watering photos, and have fun daydreaming about your next outing.

As we all know, for health and happiness it's more important than ever to get outside. Having a nourishing, awesome sandwich to look forward to can be part of the fun!

Click the buttons below the descriptions to open the recipe in a new tab. From spicy and creative flavor combinations to classic chickpea salad, there’s a little something here for everyone. Enjoy!


  • (zelf gebakken) Zuurdesem brood
  • 3 plates Gouda Flavor Slices from Violife Foods
  • 3 etl Huisgemaakte hummus, recept hier
  • 1 trostomaat
  • 1/4 komkommer
  • 20 grams veldsla
  • 1/2 rode ui
  • 2 eetlepels pompoenpitten
  • 1 etl plantaardige boter

Beleggen van je sandwich

Snijd drie even dikke placken van je zuurdesem brood. Verwarm een ​​koekenpan op medium hitte. Smeer de sneetjes brood in met plantaardige boter en rooster deze in de koekenpan voor ongeveer 2 minuten per kant. Leg dan op elke sneetje brood één van de Gouda plakjes van Violife. Zet de sneetjes dan terug in de pan en zet het vuur uit. Dek de koekenpan af met de deksel zodat de placjes kaas nog even kunnen door smelten.

Snijd dan de tomaat en komkommer in plakjes en de rode ui in ringen. Beleg de andere kant van de sneetjes dan met de hummus. Daarna de veldsla en de groente. Rooster in dezelfde koekenpan de pompoenpitten. Hier hoeft geen extra vet bij. Wat er nog resterend is in de pan is voldoende. Het roosteren van de pompoenpitten duurt niet lang. Op laag vuur hebben ze ongeveer één minuut nodig. Garneer hiermee je Vegan clubsandwich met Zuurdesem. En geniet daarna van je plantaardige lunchbroodje!

Vegan Brunch Recipes

Smoothie Bowl Bar

One of the simplest vegan brunch items you can throw together and still feel as though you are indulging is a smoothie bowl bar.

If you missed the smoothie bowl trend that & rsquos has been going on for a while now, just think of them as improved smoothies! The base is much thicker than a regular smoothie and you can put an array of colorful, fun toppings to enjoy it with!

Not only are these great for cooking for one, and as a vegan gluten free brunch option, but also for a crowd when you make it a & lsquobuild your own bowl & rsquo style meal.

Make a big batch of you favorite smoothie bowl base, as well as a colorful spread of optional toppings so that everyone can add their favorites. It & rsquos sure to be a hit!

Check out some of our favorite smoothie bowls:

Cocoa Smoothie Bowl

This cocoa smoothie bowl is rich in antioxidants, magnesium and flavor. Plus, who doesn & rsquot want to start the day with a bowl of chocolate?

Peanut Butter Acai Bowl

Try this delicious and nutritious vegan peanut butter acai bowl. It & rsquos packed full of taste and goodness, absolutely perfect for kids and adults! Check it out here.

Blue Spirulina Smoothie Bowl

Try this delicious and healthy blue smoothie bowl, packed full of goodness, no sacrifice on taste! This spirulina bowl is bright & bold with yum toppings that can be adapted to your taste and preferences.Get the recipes for the blue smoothie bowl here.

Passion Fruit Papaya Smoothie Bowl

If you are looking for a tropical, delicious smoothie bowl that is also packed with nutrients, this smoothie bowl might be the right choice! With passion fruit, papaya, banana and coconut, your mouth will be transported to the beaches of Brazil. Get the full recipe here.

Perfect Cups

Perfect vegan cups are another bright, summery, pretty vegan brunch option. You can pre-assemble some mini perfect cups for your brunch spread, or do it & lsquomake your own & rsquo style, like the smoothie bowls above.

My favorite parfait base is chia pudding, but you can also use vegan yogurt as the base. Check out our strawberry banana chia pudding cups here.

If you prefer yogurt as a base, be sure to check out our easy homemade vegan Greek yogurt here.

Vegan Pancakes

Is this even a brunch roundup if we don & rsquot mention pancakes? For me, pancakes are the ultimate lazy Sunday food.

If you are health conscious, don't worry. We & rsquove got some great, pack some health in, pancakes options for you.

Buckwheat Pancakes

These delicious vegan buckwheat pancakes are so easy to make and versatile with variations such as vegan banana buckwheat pancakes. Buckwheat and chia seeds are the two key ingredients, both super healthy and nutritious.

Buckwheat is also such an amazing flour to work with. It is so easy to get the consistency right for pancakes! Not to mention how healthy buckwheat is in comparison to other flours. Try out the pancakes here.

Coconut Flower Pancakes

Try these delicious vegan coconut flour pancakes. They are low carb and keto vegan pancakes that are the perfect brunch if you are on a low carb diet. Try them out here.

Vegan Salami

Our vegan salami is awesome, easy and so versatile. You might not think of it as a brunch food, but I & rsquom here to tell you it really is. Fry up slices of it and pair it with tofu scramble, or slice it up and serve it with your favorite vegan cheeses as a charcuterie board.

Vegan Chocolate Brioche

Sure brioche is traditionally made with heaps of dairy butter, however this vegan brioche recipe is sure to satisfy, with a golden taste and beautiful aromas. Even better, this egg-less brioche recipe doesn & rsquot call for any obscure vegan replacements.

This vegan chocolate chip brioche is perfectly flaky and delicious. It makes for a delicious vegan brunch with a creamy cup of coffee or hot tea. Get the recipe here.

Vegan Babka

Granted, babka is an extremely decadent choice as a brunch food, but sometimes holidays and special occasions call for decadent options. This babka comes in chocolate or cinnamon styles and pairs perfectly with some vegan iced coffee.

It also has a huge wow factor. Get the full babka recipe here.

Vegan Cinnamon Bread

This vegan cinnamon bread is fluffy and delicious, perfect for a special brunch option! Get the full recipe here.

Vegan Shakshuka

Shakshuka is a Middle Eastern classic breakfast. It & rsquos bursting with flavors and naturally healthy, packed with fresh ingredients. It also gets made in big batches so that it & rsquos naturally perfect for a crowd.

Our vegan shakshuka is made with tofu eggs but it & rsquos delicious, with or without the tofu. If you are a fan of savory brunch options make sure to add this one to your vegan brunch menu. Serve it with some thick crusty bread for optimal yumminess! Get the recipe here.

Vegan Cheese Bread

Vegan pao de queijo (Brazillian cheese bread) are so gooey and delicious and great for brunch. Who doesn & rsquot want some cheesey comfort food in the morning? It & rsquos also only three ingredient and minimal effort! Follow the recipe here.

Vegan Waffles

Another classic brunch are of course waffles! Crispy and delicious, you can & rsquot go wrong with a good waffle breakfast.

Waffles are also great because you can freeze leftovers and have delicious, fast breakfast options in the weeks to come! We & rsquove got a few of our favorite waffle recipes listed below.

Belgian Waffles

These vegan Belgian waffles are the perfect dish for brunch. They are light and fluffy on the inside, with a crispy outside. The deep pockets are perfect for catching that maple syrup drizzle.

Sweet Potato Waffles

If you haven & rsquot yet tried vegan sweet potato waffles, let me tell you, they are awesome. They are a great way to add a punch of delicious nutrition into your regular waffles, while also bringing warming flavors into the mix!

These vegan waffles are crispy and delicious. Even better, they are sneakily healthy with oats and sweet potato making up the bulk of the batter. Get the recipe here.

Chocolate Chip Waffles

If you like Belgian waffles and you like chocolate (who doesn & rsquot?) These waffles are absolutely necessary. It & rsquos all the goodness of our waffles, taken up a notch! Get the recipe here.

Chocolate Protein Waffles

These vegan chocolate protein waffles are a decadent vegan brunch. They have the added boost of a nutritious protein powder, loaded with extra vitamins and minerals.

Chocolate upon chocolate is always acceptable for brunch, so why not load them with your favorite chocolate sauce, sliced ​​banana or ice cream. Get the protein waffles recipe here.

Corn Fritters

In New Zealand, brunch means corn fritters! While they are usually served along with a bunch of non vegan toppings, they are easy to veganize and totally delicious!

This recipe is super easy to make, with only a handful of ingredients, it & rsquos also a budget-friendly and a versatile meal. Check out the corn fritters here.

French Toast Casserole

This apple cinnamon vegan brunch casserole is perfect for family get togethers, holidays, or when you just want something warming and delicious.

With all the yum factor of classic french toast, this french toast bake comes together much quicker and easier. Check out the recipe here.

Pop Tarts

Ordinarily, store bought pop tarts are a grab and go type breakfast. However, when you make these homemade, flaky and amazing frosted pop tarts, they will be the star of your vegan brunch buffet!

They are also deceptively easy if you have a food processor on hand! Check out the pop tarts recipe here.

Vegan Jelly Donuts

Another classic American, borderline dessert, favorite breakfast / brunch treat is of course delicious donuts! These vegan jelly donuts are crazy delicious. They take some effort, but if you are cooking for a special occasion they are worth the effort!

Vegan Cheese and Sweetcorn Scones

These vegan cheese and sweetcorn scones are deliciously savory, moreish and baked beautifully. They are a perfect vegan brunch option, serve them warm and people can cut them in half and spread on their favorite toppings.

A delicious alternative to the usual sweet scones, these savory vegan cheese scones are a must try! They are super simple, with minimal ingredients. Get the scones recipe here.

Vegan Muffins

Muffins are always a fabulous brunch option, especially because they are such a great make ahead food. They freeze beautifully whether you are talking about making it in advanced or freezing leftovers.

Raspberry Muffins with Optional Cream Cheese Drizzle

These delicious vegan raspberry muffins, optionally drizzled with a vegan cream cheese frosting, are light and fluffy and bursting with delicious raspberry lemon flavors.

You can make these gorgeous muffins with fresh or frozen raspberries. Check out the recipe here.

Sweet Potato Chocolate Chip Muffins

These sweet potato vegan muffins are crazy moist and studded with chocolate chips. They are very easy to whip together and only use standard pantry ingredients so you don't need to hunt for any special ingredients.

Let the chocolate chips get a little melty before stirring into the batter for a beautiful marbled top. Check out the full recipe here.

Vegan Dutch Baby

This vegan dutch baby recipe is so easy to make and the perfect vegan brunch option for weekends, special occasions and more. It only takes five minutes of prep work for delicious, crowd friendly results.

Warm and comforting, this vegan dutch pancake will become a family favorite. Dress it up or down with different toppings, you can even eat it as a savory dutch baby! Check out the full recipe here.

Vegan Brunch Sandwiches

Sandwiches can be an amazing brunch option. A nice brunch sandwich is a comfort food sandwich, with lots of flavors, colors and textures!

Toasted Bagel Sandwich

This delicious vegan bagel sandwich uses avocado, tofu smothered in BBQ sauce, creamy dill sauce and lots of veg on a toasted bagel to create the ultimate vegan bagel topping.

It & rsquos a fantastic, hearty, and indulgent feeling brunch option, and easy to make multiple servings of. Get the full recipe here.

Vegan Club Sandwich

With crispy rice paper bacon, vegan turkey slices and creamy mayo, this sandwich is the perfect brunch sandwich. Even if you want to skip the sandwich, make sure this awesome bacon makes it into your brunch menu!

To make it even more crowd friendly, grab a long baguette and pile the toppings on. Cut into portion size pieces and you & rsquoll have a dish that & rsquos a sure crowd pleaser. Try out the recipe here.

Vegan BLT

There & rsquos a reason the BLT is a classic, and in case you weren & rsquot aware, it & rsquos a fabulous hangover cure. Our vegan BLT features crispy, baked eggplant bacon which is much healthier but equally delicious!

You can even make this sandwich more breakfast like by adding in some tofu scramble in. (Tofu scramble recipe below). Check out the full recipe here.

Vegan Cream Cheese and Lox Bagel

The non vegan version of a cream cheese and lox bagel has been present at almost every brunch I & rsquove ever been to. Get a nice crispy toasted bagel with nice creamy cream cheese and I & rsquom in heaven.

Lucky for you, we have this lovely plant based vegan cream cheese and a beautiful vegan lox to take it to the next level! Check out the full recipe here.

Vegan Tuna Melt

This chickpea tuna melt is bomb! The creamy chickpea tuna is smothered on buttered toasted ciabatta and topped with melted vegan cheese, sweet chili sauce and dill. Totally yummy and a must try.

It & rsquos also incredibly quick and easy, which is always a bonus! Leftover & lsquotuna & rsquo is also perfect for re-purposing in sandwiches, as a bake potato topping, with pasta and more! Check out the full tuna melt recipe here.


Sabich is a classic Israeli brunch food. It & rsquos a pita pocket stuffed with fried eggplant slices, Israeli salad, tahini, potato and more!

It & rsquos an explosion of flavor and a fun way to bring some international flavors to your brunch menu. Check out the full recipe here.

Vegan Blintz

This Jewish classic is a thin crepe that is then stuffed with a sweet vegan cream cheese and topped with a delicious, simple homemade raspberry compote.

They are beautiful and amazing and our recipe is made with buckwheat flour, giving it an extra punch of health. Get the full blintz recipe here.

Tofu Scramble

Tofu scramble is a vegan classic that has me wondering why non-vegans don & rsquot eat it as well. It & rsquos so delicious and fun to customize with your add ins and spices.

Our easy silken tofu is scramble is easy to make a huge batch for crowds. Mix in any of your favorite scrambled eggs add ins & ndash anything from mushrooms to beans goes well in here! Get the tofu scramble recipe here.

Toast with a Variety of Amazing Toppings

Toast is really one of the most underrated breakfasts in my not so humble opinion. I recently watched the new Netflix series with Zac Efron and my highlight was watching scientists confirm that a high carb, low protein diet is a key to long life, not that I was holding back before that & hellip

In any case, making a spread of delicious toppings with a stack of toast can be an awesome vegan brunch idea. Here are some of my favorite toppings.

Avocado Toast

No brunch roundup could be complete without avocado toast. Just saying, I & rsquove been eating avocado toast since before it became trendy.

All you have to do to make a good avocado toast is grab a ripe avocado and smash it onto some toast with a sprinkle of salt, garlic powder and nutritional yeast.

You can get fancier with it and make an actual guacamole for people to put on their toast, but the ball & rsquos in your court with that one.

Vegan Egg Salad

This vegan egg salad only takes five minutes to whip up. It & rsquos so good and eggy and perfect to use as a toast topping, especially with some sprouts and red onion slices.

This is also a kid approved recipe, my toddler likes to eat it all as soon as it & rsquos done! Get the recipe here.


Who doesn & rsquot love hummus? Grab a few fun flavored hummuses (yeah, that & rsquos a word) and have a delicious buffet of spreads. You can go with store bought or make one of our easy recipes.

We & rsquove got an easy, amazing naturally oil free, split pea hummus you can check out here.

Or check out our vibrant, flavorful beet wasabi hummus here.

Chickpea Salad

This chickpea tuna is a light and refreshing option. It is creamy and satisfying, with the smashed chickpeas making the perfect texture.

Vegan Chickpea Tuna Salad

The addition of nori flakes gives this recipe an authentic marine like taste. If you miss tuna, this is an awesome toast topping. Get the full recipe here!

If you try any of the recipes, please leave us a comment or a rating. We love to hear your feedback!

Vegan Club Sandwich - Recipes

Stuffed potato balls, seasoned lentils, sofrito, roasted red pepper coulis

Black Hummus Plate

Black sesame tahini, fire roasted sweet peppers, butter beans, citrus vinaigrette, toasted naan

"Crab" Fries

Heart of palm and artichoke “crab”, toasted nori flakes, creamy cheese sauce, everything bagel seasoning on a bed of fries

Chorizo ​​Hush Puppies

Served with avocado cream

King Oyster Wings

Buttermilk battered King Oyster mushrooms, Carolina style mustard bbq sauce, bread & butter pickles

Okra Fries

Chickpea battered Okra, cajun seasoning, cilantro-lime dipping sauce

Salads & Soups

Grilled Romaine

White french dressing, coconut bacon, grated parmesan, shaved croutons

Brussels Sprout Caesar

Caesar dressing, shiitake bacon, romaine, grated parmesan, shaved croutons, shaved brussels sprouts

Lentils and Hummus

Red wine vinaigrette, green lentils, grape tomatoes, red onion, field greens, cucumber, black hummus, radish

Roasted Butternut

Toasted farro, apple cider vinaigrette, crispy shallots, granny smith apples, roasted butternut squash, butter lettuce

Wild About Shrooms

Accompanied by cashew sour cream, truffle oil, cracked pepper

The 3 C’s

Coconut Curry Cauliflower soup

Butter Bean and Farro

Smoked Onions, coconut oil, oregano


Vegan “Crab” Burger

Pretzel burger bun, heart of palm and artichoke crab pattie, toasted nori, spicy mayo, crispy onion strings, lettuce, tomato, cilantro, avocado

Veggie Club Sandwiches

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  • 1/2 cup vegan dressing/sandwich spread, such as Follow Your Heart Vegenaise
  • 1/4 cup chopped arugula
  • 12 slices toasted whole-wheat sourdough bread, divided
  • 1 cup radish sprouts
  • 2 medium tomatoes, sliced 1/2-inch thick (8 slices)
  • 8 slices meatless low-fat bacon strips, cooked
  • 1 avocado, peeled, halved, and sliced
  • 12 slices meatless deli-style smoked chicken


1. Combine sandwich spread and arugula in medium bowl. Spread on 4 slices toasted bread.

2. Divide radish sprouts over sandwich spread. Top each with 1 tomato slice and 2 bacon strips. Add a second layer of toast to each sandwich, and top each with 1 more tomato slice, then avocado and smoked chicken. Spread remaining sandwich spread over remaining 4 toast slices, and place over chicken. Secure sandwiches with decorative toothpicks, and cut into 4 triangles.

Video: Vegan Sams Club Grocery Shopping Food Haul (January 2022).